The Subscription App, provides user with the tools necessary to help earn money and keep track of your subscribers on your favourite social media!

Premium Subscription Tracker App

What is STAPP

The Subscription APP is the ideal program to accurately keep track of your current subscribers. This is a discreet app for personal and commercial use, helping the user stay organized and ahead in their business.

Get yourself Up and Running

The app is quite easy to use and you can use it without any specific knowledge. However, you should consult our expert if you have any doubt related to the use of this social media trackers app.

STAPP supports Online & Offline use, while keeping the information stored from the last user logged in.

Be a popular brand on social media with us!

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Why does my brand need a social media tracker app?

Social Media has become a dominating platform where you can gain brand awareness at earliest. You will definitely use social media accounts to reach your target audience. That's why you should go for a social media tracker app to monitor your growth and to understand what your target audience actually want.

How regularly can I monitor my social media account with this app?

You can track or monitor your social media account on daily basis. Brand needs to stand on its toes when it comes to serving its customers. Once you own the app, it's totally up to you how often you should use this app to monitor your social media account.

Will we have to get knowledge to understand how to use this app?

The app is quite easy to use and you can use it without any specific knowledge. However, you should consult our expert if you have any doubt related to the use of this social media trackers app.

What social media accounts does this app monitor?

You can use this app for all your social media account. In fact, you can get the better performance from this app also on Snapchat and Instagram.

Why use STAPP?

  • Save Time

    STAPP accurately allows you to keep track of your current subscribers from the date you've added them.

  • Stay ontop of your game

    The program automatically notifies you when one of your user's subscription has ended, giving you the options to either keep them on the expired list or renew their subscription with one easy click!

  • Easy to use

    Why hand right lists or throw on a pair of glasses to read through your typed subscribers when you can simply add your subs one time and have them backed up on an online storage?

STAPP software

Who uses STAPP?

STAPP is a professional app mainly used by Snapchat users and similar platforms to keep track of the user's subscribers.